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You need an application or an existing application requires additional features. Our team analyses the need, completes the business requirement, proposes an architecture,  technical specifications, mock-up and road map. The development can start. You are involved all along the process: you can evaluate our progression, change priority, answer developers question using DevOps, our development management system. With the Agile methodology, a delivery occurs every 2 to 3 weeks and requires test and validation from you.   

You have already a development team and wish to add new resources or to add missing know-how. We provide engineers in architecture, business analysis, and development. We collaborate on the project as a member of your team, using your tools, or ours, for short term to long term missions.

You have a project but not yet completely mature: you are not sure about technology, architecture, about user’s experience, data flow. We help you to shape your application on all aspects.

We also provide training plans on framework and platforms we use ( NopCommerce, Umbraco, ASP. NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, React.JS, React Native …) if you wish to perform independent operations on your applications.

One-stop solution for your digital print: we design your e-presence, by combining your product(s) targeted audience, your existing applications, marketing, graphic design, search engine optimization (SEO), application optimization, user experience improvement, workflow restructuration, social network presence (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google map), forums that match your know-how, newsletter.

We provide SEO specialist, writer- editor, user experience analyst, and application
development team to work in perfect collaboration with your team and bring this strategy alive.

For existing applications, migration to more recent technology is sometime required.

A large amount of code and data has to be migrate. After a phase of analyse, Nalysa proposes a transition strategy that includes transformation of data, files, graphic elements, video, code.

Most of the time, some parts require full re-encoding. Nalysa does its best to limit the re-encoding to the minimum.

Nalysa proposes also packages solutions
E-rent, CV-screening, Know your vendor, applicant portal, Whistle blowing. See our solutions

Our solutions

Back-end and front-end of any mobile application. Android and iOS. Chatting tool solution, news applications, B to B and B to C applications, e-commerce applications , using Google Firebase, React Native and Expo Framework, etc.

Web application from scratch or based on existing CMS. We develop applications for multi-level lead management, CV-screening, insurance brokers, money collection control, security and productivity evaluation in industry, Recruitment portal, Know your vendor , Whistle blowing. We use ASP.NET, Azure, React, Kendo UI, WordPress, Umbraco, NopCommerce among other technologies to provide long lasting applications

E-commerce platforms based on Umbraco, NopCommerce, WordPress or from scratch. We provide expertise, development and maintenance of your e-commerce. We propose payment gateways for France or for Indonesia including Stripe, CB, Visa and Go Pay, Ovo, and a pool of popular Indonesian banks, as well as parcel delivery integration with major French or Indonesian parcel delivery companies.

We also developed an e-rent solution (see packages for details)

Nalysa proposes a large range of custom relationship management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms to match your needs, form SMB to corporate companies. Microsoft Dynamics online covers CRM and ERP with limitless possibilities of integration with existing application and data source. Odoo is an up-to-date opensource CRM and ERP implemented in many industries.

Visual Basic for Application (VBA) is used for its great flexibility to automize business process, internal reporting, complex pricing process and many more. We developed tools to analyse competition and simulate investment for clinics decision makers, Pricing tool for heavy industry, Documentation generation tool for power plants industry.

Every company has its own recurrent process where automation with light code
drastically increase productivity.

We propose different CMS for different purposes.

CMS can be used to handle a website, as a tool to collaborate within an organisation, or even to build a robust and flexible web application with e-commerce module on top. Umbraco and NopCommerce are 2 main robust flexible and professional platforms known for their high-security performance. CMS platforms speed up the development process and simplify the maintenance
and future evolution. We used CMS to build Applicant portal application, Whistle
blowing application, Know your vendor application, Know your customer application
for different industries

Know your vendor, Know your customer are two applications to respond to corporate policy regarding verification of third parties dealing with you organisation. Those tools are a complete solution to collect and verify data from your vendors or customers. It can be integrated with your existing internal application and it can be customised.

Whistle blowing application is a complete solution ready to be implemented in
your organisation to collect

Developed in partnership with Integrity, this CV screening platform is designed for Screening Industry. It provides a complete production process: CV collection, CV slicing, CV dispatching, CV slices screening, Report building, report quality control, report publishing.

E-rent is the activity to rent a good instead of purchase it. E-rent cycle requires a specific flow to handle down payment, caution, rental extension, replacement, change in category, price re-calculation, guaranty activation, and sometimes transportation process. We propose a whole package including e-rent platform implementation and several customisations to match your business


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