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We offer a professional approach, and personalized services for an enjoyable experience with our customers.

PT Nalysa was founded in 2009 in Jakarta, Indonesia, and first became a software house in 2013. Our company concentrated on offering solid and reliable solutions to institutional and private clients in Europe and Indonesia.

Inspired by the latest technological innovations and developments in mobile apps and web apps of any kind, we aim to develop tailor-made applications as well as package solutions for small and medium businesses as well as for other software companies as deputy suppliers.

PT Nalysa is specialized in mobile applications, web applications design and development, Office 365, Sharepoint, PowerBI configuration and add-on developments, e-rent, and e-commerce solutions development.

We mainly focused on shaping projects that include integration with third parties software, e-commerce and e-rent systems, payment platform, production workflows, real-time reporting, and monitoring solutions, for Open Source and Net-based systems operations.

We invest a lot in training (15 to 30 days per developer per year) to absorb new technologies such as machine learning, blockchain, and new frameworks, and to improve good practices in project management.

Our programmers have years of work experience dealing with software, organization systems, and heavy website development. This experience allows us to challenge any kind of project, from a tiny one to the most complicated and integrated one.

We are located in south Jakarta and Salatiga, a small and green town in central Java where many ideas come from.


We are motivated to give our best.

We are thrilled to introduce our knowledgeable staff, who will collaborate with you to bring out the best in one another and help to accomplish the objectives.


We use Agile/Scrum methodology all along the project life.

You can share your project at any phase

  • A simple idea to be shaped. We can help you to mature it and bring it alive.
  • A mature project: you supervise any aspect of your project: workflows, UI, architecture: we help you to define the business requirements and we provide technical specifications.
  • A running project: we can easily join an existing team, at any step, any level.

We provide a quotation and a road map for every project, after a phase of analyse.

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