Fixed budget

Fixed budget project

We lead your project from A to Z.

Fixed budget

Nalysa propose a fixed-budget delivery, and fixed deadline.
You don’t pay for inaccurate sizing, or technical issues encountered during the project.

Since we have built many software and apps, it's likely that we have experience in project similar to what you have in mind. Specification and sizing can be quickly generated.


We help you to qualify your needs and expectations, through continuous discussion with your team.
At the end of pre-sales phase, your application is described in a comprehensive (by non IT) document. We also shaped the application architecture, and have a good idea about technologies to use and total workload.

Document provided: 

Business Requirement Document:  

  • functions, and process description
  • Actors identification
  • Users scenario

Software requirement Specification:  

  • technologies used, architecture,
  • Hosting and security solution
  • External system to connect to
  • Module to acquire / to develop
  • Main use cases
  • Main wire frame (mockups)
  • Main workflows, statuses, notification
Estimated budget


During this phase, we enrich the SRS to describe all features, statuses, actors, permission, workflows, notifications, dashboard, administration tasks, integration with external applications,

During this phase we also 

  • Decide priorities, and phase the project accordingly
  • Provide deadlines
  • Provide test plan
  • Update the sizing

Document provided:  

  • Complete SRS, readable both by IT and non IT
  • Delivery deadlines
  • Final quotation


Development phase is divided in small chunks of 3 to 4 weeks long, called sprint.

At the end of each sprint :

  • you got a deliverable to test. It can be one full module, or just a few functions.
  • We decide what we should work on next sprints according to your priority and possible scope changes.

You always have an accurate view on the project progress


  • Once the last sprint is finished, you got a full application in production.
  • Guarantee starts. All bugs discovered during guarantee will be fixed for free.
  • We provide end user and administrator training, data migration if required, user manual and technical documentation

05. Maintenance and support

A monthly fee covers all other interventions for maintenance and user support. 

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