Extend your team

Extend your team

We extend your existing dev team.

Extend your Dev team

You lead the project, our developers join your team.
Our team is used to work remotely and actively participate and report.
You need specific expertise during your project, our experts are also available on demand, on hourly or daily basis.

In some cases we can also provide a developer on site.
However, we recommend the remote solution: we care about decent working environment, computer, internet connection... We even make sure developers leave in the vicinity: no long transportation hours twice a day. You got fresh, active and happy developers.

Scale up your team

Speed up the time to market, absorb an unexpected workload, face internal developer resignation.

Many good reason to get the help of external resource.

Get the expertise you need, at the right moment.

We have several profiles, several expertise in our team.

You choose the expertise you need, starting date and ending date depends on you.

You focus on your project, we focus on providing the accurate profile.

Eliminate recruitment and administrative headaches

We filter developers, train them internally before assigning them to our clients projects.

You got fresh graduate to senior developer profiles, ready to work, in no time. Recruitment process, training, and legal aspects are on us.

You focus on your project. We focus on providing the profile you need.

Want us to lead your project from A to Z?

Check out our fixed budget project