Nalysa operates in Information

system technologies since 2009.


We have been since 2009 a group of motivated developers from France and Indonesia. We currently head count 10 people, mostly based in south Jakarta and Semarang.

We want to bring the best of the cloud for our clients. We help them to shape up the cloud they need among hundreds of possible configurations. We internally use the tools we promote: we are developers as well as end-users.

Company type:PT (Limited Company)
Registration number:SIUP 01311/10-20/PK/P0/X/2009
Tax number:NPWP 21.113.891.2-403.000
Established in:2009
Number of employee:10 to 15
Operation areas:Europe, Middles East and Asia
Language spoken:English, French, Indonesian, German


We provide a way among multiple features, and constant evolution of cloud offer to bring the solution that match your needs.


  • Provide robust, long lasting and productive cloud based solutions
  • We believe that working on cloud should be easy and fun. It should leave you happy and stress-less, being sure that data, workflows and applications are available seamlessly.
  • We believe that bringing one single feature that match your needs is more valuable than many trendy features. We help you to decide what is good for your organisation, among many features we tested for you.

Our values

We believe and apply the following values in everything we accomplish.

Think deeply

Specify - consider impact – anticipate
Good application starts with considering tasks at hand as well as all the surrounding system.

Iterates is a life style

We push for perfection, but not at the expense of deadline.
We follow Agile, scrum development methodology and encourage interaction with client all along the project.


Test, test and test again
Whether we are working with business requirements, layout or code, details will make the difference.

Long Lasting Design

Think wide, think standard, think doc
Someone else might have to continue the application in the future.

Integrity – Equity – Transparency

Nalysa conducts transparent work
Involving the client in the process as well as promoting integrity as work culture: accuracy, responsibility and trust.

Knowledge is an Investment

You can rely on us
We encourage knowledges acquisitions, through schedule adaptation, and financial support. Our team is educated and certified in many domains.